endangerment project
polar bears!
POLAR BEARS! Otherwise known as "Ursus Maritimus", their scientific name which means "sea bear", are a beautiful species. Their white fur and thick, black skin keeps the polar bears warm in their environment. Large paws with 5 claws on each, sharp teeth, and long, strong leg muscles and one long neck for swimming and catching food. Their ears and tail are silly and short, very small. The short ears are good for when the polar bears go swimming, they can open and close when going underwater.
Polar bears are meant to live in the Arctic Ocean, with their habitats being sea ice and coastal areas. These areas are their home, constantly growing and melting, quality of the sea ice and amount of prey makees their home even more like home. These polar bears may just have a bigger range of habitat than other bears because of all the never-ending growth of the sea and it's ice. Polar bears' main prey are seals, preferably ringed or bearded seals. They need a large amount of fat to survive, meaning seals are the best food source for them. These bears lay at the top of the food chain. They keep the seals from overpopulating and are important to arctic people's cultures and economics.
Though, polar bears are very vulnerable to endangerment. With climate change and global warming going on, their ice habitats are slowly melting and leaving them with little to no home. There's also oil spills from industrial areas that reach the arctic and their habitats, polluting the waters and killing off the seals, then the oil gets into the polar bear's fur. With the seals population lessening, the polar bears lack food. They'd need to find new animals to feed off of, most likely those other animals would lack the fat they need to survive. With the lack of food, then there's a lack of reproduction within the polar bears. Then, with lack of reproduction, the population decreases and the poor animals go into endangerment. All of this leads to polar bears going extinct in certain areas. There are so many different ways to help keep the polar bears from endangerment. The easiest way is to recycle, recycle, and recycle. Also, live your life in a more eco-friendly manner.

save the polar bears!!